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August 24, 2009, 12:57 am
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Management Team – Our core team has a combined total of over 35 years of relevant industry experience:

Jim Dunn – CEO and President –  Mr. Dunn has a technical and business background and is an expert in the renewable energy field, particularly in photo-voltaics and energy storage.  He has over 35 years of experience with large companies like IBM, and Exxon and is a founder of 5 companies, and most recently, was responsible for technology transfer as the Director of NASA’s NE Region Tech Transfer Center, for 15 years.  He has been successful in raising capital for several recent energy start-ups, and has a solid knowledge of the solar and renewable energy marketplace. Jim has a BSEE from WPI, and is active in the Renewable Energy field and a frequent speaker at energy related conferences and events.

Richard Chase – Director of Sales, Marketing and IT – Mr. Chase was the President of Chase Systems, LLC (consulting) and past Manager of Fidelity Investments FESCo Intranet and Document Management Systems.      Mr. Chase has over 29 years experience in a variety of high technology ventures in semiconductor and computer manufacturing and quality and reliability with companies such as Fairchild Semiconductor and Digital Equipment, followed by extensive IT experience with Fidelity Investments. He also brings a broad background of renewable energy experience, having served as Commissioner of the Princeton, MA Municipal Light Department, owner of the oldest wind farm in New England.  Mr. Chase has a BSEE from RPI and is a member of IEEE, NESEA, ISES, & the American Solar Energy Society.

Mike Strizki – Director of Installations and service – Mike is an internationally known innovator with 15 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, including 4 years as an engineer with Advanced Solar Products and 5 years as Lead Scientist and Senior Lead Engineer at Millennium Cell, a public corp.  Mr. Strizki is also the inventor of 3 US and 3 international patents for hydrogen generation. He has supervised installation of over 4 MW of photovoltaic solar systems, and recently completed and occupies the first fully code-compliant solar-hydrogen residence in the US.  This home, in Hopewell, New Jersey, features an advanced solar-hydrogen energy system capable of hydrogen production, storage and reconversion through a fuel cell integrated into existing solar and retrofitted geothermal systems.  It provides all of the home’s energy needs, and also includes a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle refueling station. Mike holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Rutgers University, and is a member of the Fuel Cell Standards Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), a board member of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, and a regular participant in the Transportation Research Board annual meetings.

Peter MacDougall Project Manager – Peter is a Mechanical Engineer with extensive project management and solar design experience – Peter was also employed by Borrego as an installer and was responsible for installing the PV system on the MIT entry in the DOE international solar decathlon project, in Wash, DC.

Legal & Accounting resources: Future Solar has retained the services of the following professional organizations:

Aronson, Alexander, and Finning, a distinguished 150 person accounting firm headquartered in Westborough, MA. which has experience in LLC accounting and working with Power Purchase Agreements and related tax issues.

Morse, Barnes-Brown, Pendleton, PC, a 35 person law firm that specializes in working with emerging high tech companies, including equity financing, and all typical elements of corporate structure and business requirements.

TD Banknorth – An established, profitable Canadian owned bank, with a history of solid growth and experience with growth businesses, (that did not receive any TARP funds).


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I have been conversing with Simon Derricutt for several weeks about a individual who has a device that I have described to Simon and he thinks it is something you might have and interest in.
A brief description is a magnetic field is set up like you would see in a motor this is subjected to an intense electrical pulse which excites the field creating many times the energy this being DC pulse electricity. What I have seen was massive energy that the individual has been trying to control through batteries however most recently through something he calls a batcap. This individual is highly intelligent and has a low tolerance level for people that interject opinions that it isn’t possible. Several have been installed and being tested in the local area.
He rarely responds to any kind of assistance put with Simon’s help he has agreed to communicate with you.
Could you respond to me to initiate the contact.

Thank you,

Comment by GuyVanDusen

Pls. Call to discuss. Jim

Comment by futuresolar

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